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Galt Joint Union High School District
Galt Joint Union High School District is dedicated to enriching lives and building a caring and collaborative learning community by providing Adult Learners with quality educational opportunities and support services.

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Board Protocols



2019 Board Protocols

 Approved by Board – February 12, 2019
Exceptional Boards make governance intentional and invest in the structures and practices that address changing circumstances.  Protocols are tools to strengthen the capacity of the leadership team to engage in a constructive and positive relationship.  It is grounded in a mutual understanding of the respective roles and responsibility of the Board and the Superintendent in order to provide transparency and stability for the District.  The Galt Union High School District Governance Team Members have established the following working protocols:
  1. The Superintendent and Board members commit to open dialogue with one another.  
  2. The Superintendent will provide relevant, timely and thorough information to Board members through the weekly Board Update.
  3. In order to ensure that all Board members receive the same information and to keep the Superintendent informed of Board members’ questions and concerns, request for information should come to the Superintendent.  All Board members will receive the information.  
  4. The Superintendent can be reached by email, cell phone (call or text), or office phone if a Board member needs to reach the Superintendent
  5. The Board understands the distinction between Board and staff roles and will refrain from directing or performing management functions that are the responsibility of the Superintendent and staff.
  6. Board members who request for information that requires extensive staff time to complete (more than one hour) shall convey such a request to the Board President and Superintendent, and will explain the reasons for the request.
  7. Board members and the Superintendent will always practice the “no surprises” rule with one another.

Maintaining Confidentiality
  1. The Board, Superintendent and Cabinet members agree to maintain the confidentiality of all closed session and privileged communication as required by Education Code.  Such matters relate to personnel issues, litigation, real property negotiations, and labor negotiations.
  2. Board members should address concerns that may arise directly to the Superintendent and not to individual staff members.
  3. The Board will provide clear parameters to the District’s negotiation team members and will not address issues of negotiations with employee bargaining unit members.

Board Member Role in Public
  1. Board members visiting classrooms or a school are requested to inform the Superintendent and Principal in advance.
  2. Board members should contact the Superintendent should the media contact them.  The Superintendent is the designated spokesperson for the District.  In the absence of the Superintendent, the Board President becomes the spokesperson.
  3. Individual Board members represent the District in an official capacity only when they are appointed by the Board in that capacity.

Handling Concerns  
  1. The Board and Superintendent are committed to having parent and/or staff concerns handled at the lowest possible level in the organization, where those involved in the issue can resolve the matter.
  2. Board members will listen to complainants and relay any concern to the Superintendent.
  3. Board members will refer parent or staff concerns to the Superintendent, and the concern will be investigated in a timely manner and the Superintendent or appropriate Cabinet member will respond and communicate back to the complainant and the Board member.
  4. Board members will communicate concerns to the President and/or the Superintendent and not solve them alone.
  5. The President will respond to concerns when all Board members receive communication from stakeholders after working with the Superintendent.

Prior to Board Meetings
  1. The Superintendent will meet in person or by phone with the Board President to finalize the agenda prior to public posting.
  2. Board members will thoroughly read materials before the board meeting and will make every attempt to contact the Superintendent with any questions they have on the agenda by the day before the meeting.
  3. Board member questions will be answered in advance of the board meeting with a response to all Board members prior to the meeting.  
  4. Board members will not discuss items that the Board will be acting on with more than one other Board member.
  5. Board members will make an effort to notify the Superintendent in advance of their intent to remove an item from the consent calendar.
  6. When a high profile item is being considered by the Board, any disagreements or concerns should be discussed with the Superintendent before the meeting.
Board Meetings 
  1. Each Board member will respect the right of other Board members to hold an opposing point of view and, following a board vote, will respect the decision made by the board.
  2. Board members agree that it is a courtesy to each other, and to the full board, to share the reason for a dissenting vote during deliberation.
  3. All team members will be respectful to each other and recognize the impact of comments made in public toward one another or staff.
  4. The Superintendent or a Board member should not bring a matter to a public meeting that is a surprise to the team.
  5. Study sessions will be developed throughout the year on issues that require extensive discussion.
  6. If a presentation is to be made by a Board member, the Board member will be informed ahead of time in order to be properly prepared.
  7. The Board shall take in the views and comments of student board representatives during regular meetings.  Student representatives are encouraged to fully participate. Student votes will be counted as advisory only.