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Galt Joint Union High School District
Galt Joint Union High School District is dedicated to enriching lives and building a caring and collaborative learning community by providing Adult Learners with quality educational opportunities and support services.

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Special Ed Information

Mission Statement


The Galt Joint Union High School District Special Education staff strive to provide quality educational services to all students.  We are dedicated to supporting the children in our community to assist them in reaching their full potential by creating a safe, respectful, inclusive learning environment.

News and Events


Our department held its first ever Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting on August 30, 2017 from 7:00-8:00 p.m. in the LRHS Library in room 148. 

Here are the minutes of that meeting.


8/30/17 Parent Advisory Committee  PAC Meeting Minutes

  1. Introductions
  2. Purpose of PAC: The purpose of PAC is collaboration between School site and parents to discuss student topics.
  3. Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS): The MTSS is a student support system that we are using in both districts in our community. It is a process to collaborate to help struggling students.
  4. Brainstorm ideas for topics for future meetings (information on specific disabilities, review of rights regarding special education, etc.)
  • Transition into adulthood. There will be a presentation on this at the next meeting.
  • Ideas of how to promote inclusion of students with IEPs at school events like dances and football games. Some ideas for this were a quiet room at dances and a special Ed Teacher at each event to assist students with special needs. Students going to football games as a group with a chaperone (Parent, sped teacher).
  • Ability awareness; how to promote awareness of disabilities.
  • Case Management and the Case Manager’s role.
  • Students form LRHS having access to programs at GHS
  • Building community in our schools
  • Where does the money from Medi-cal go?
  • How do our teachers differentiate instruction in classrooms?

At our next meeting on 11/8 there will a presentation on Transition to adulthood.


Future meetings:

11/8/17 at GHS in Conference Room 2 in the main office

2/7/18 at LRHS room 148 in the Library

5/2/18 at GHS in Conference Room 2 in the main office

Time: 7 pm - 8 PM


Interpreter in attendance for parents/guardians who speak Spanish



8/30/17 Reunión del Comité consultivo de Padres PAC
1. Introducciones
2. Propósito del PAC: El propósito del PAC es la colaboración entre el sitio de la escuela y los padres para discutir temas estudiantiles.
3. Sistema de Apoyo de múltiples niveles (MTSS): El MTSS es un sistema de apoyo estudiantil que estamos usando en ambos distritos en nuestra comunidad. Es un proceso para colaborar para ayudar a los estudiantes que luchan.
4. Reflexionar ideas para temas de futuras reuniones (información sobre discapacidades específicas, revisión de derechos sobre educación especial, etc.):
Transición a la edad adulta. Habrá una presentación sobre esto en la próxima reunión.
• Ideas de cómo promover la inclusión de estudiantes con IEP en eventos escolares como bailes y juegos de fútbol. Algunas ideas para esto fueron una habitación tranquila en bailes y un maestro de educación especial en cada evento para ayudar a los estudiantes con necesidades especiales. Los estudiantes que van a los partidos de fútbol como un grupo con una chaperona (padre, sped profesor).
• Conocimiento de la capacidad; cómo promover la conciencia de las discapacidades.
• Administración de Casos y el papel del administrador de Casos.
• Los estudiantes de LRHS tener acceso a los programas en GHS
• Construyendo la comunidad en nuestras escuelas
• ¿A dónde va el dinero de Medi-cal?
• ¿Cómo diferencian nuestros maestros la instrucción en las aulas

En nuestra próxima reunión del 8 de noviembre habrá una presentación sobre Transición a la edad adulta.

Próximas reuniones:

8 de Noviembre 2017 en GHS en la Conference Room 2 en la oficina principal
7 de Febrero 2018 en la sala LRHS 148 en la Biblioteca
2 de Mayo 2018 en GHS en la Conference Room 2 en la oficina principal
Horario: 7 PM - 8 PM


Intérprete en asistencia para padres / tutores que hablan español


Additional PAC meetings will be held this school year on 11/8/2017, 2/7/2018, and 5/2/2018 - all from 7-8 p.m.  These meetings are for families of our students with IEPs to discuss topics of interest related to special education.  Please bring your ideas, and we will do our best to answer any current questions you may have.


Please contact us to find out information about sports, clubs, and other student activities.